Frozen Meals

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Champion Refrigerant Foods is one of the famous refrigerant food manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Taiwan. With years of experience in manufacturing, Champion Refrigerant Foods provides excellent Frozen Meals including hotpot foods and frozen tofu, and has become one of the leading sources in the food manufacturing industry. Champion Refrigerant Foods has strived for advancing itself to produce better products to meet different customers’ needs. #We are professional manufacturer of frozen food. # We are Taiwanese supplier of high quality frozen foods # Our factory produce high quality frozen foods


Located in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, Champion Refrigerant Foods Co. Ltd was firstly started by producing Chinese meat balls, and later with the development of the frozen food market switched its focus on producing products like Japanese hot pot ingredients, tempura, and frozen tofu. Certificated by HACCP and ISO22000, Champion is committed to ensuring the highest quality standards for food safety. Champion’s diverse selection of products are distributed to traditional markets and supermarkets across Taiwan. In addition to the domestic distributions, Champion is competent to product exportations, and to provide customized services for customers to produce products of their own.

Committed to providing customers products with quality and safety, in processing products, Champion applies the highest standards to quality control to ensure food safety. As Champion was established thirty years ago, CEO Mr. Chen Pin-Chong stated that all the employees must be confident at consuming the products they produce, because with the time spent on food processing, they should know the quality the best. Since the establishment of Champion, our employees on the processing line have been confident at the quality of the products, and have always been actively consuming the products themselves or purchasing for their friends. It means our employees. As a food manufacturer, this is what we are proud of.

Nowadays, customers have been more attentive to food safety. To guarantee the food safety for our customers, we have reinforced our quality control system to the raw materials. Over tens of million dollars are invested in improving the food-processing facilities and the hygiene of our factories. Over the years striving for food safety, we also have received certifications from HACCP and ISO22000, the two major international food certification institutions. Besides, to ensure that customers’ health is always our top priority and responsibility, all the products are insured for 20 million dollars.

Champion always believes, “I am responsible for what I made,” and therefore, will undoubtedly take on all the corporate responsibilities, because we are sure, with the best hygiene control system and the confidence in our reliability, Champion is one of the best companies that customers are always happy to commit to like no other.

We apply the most uncompromising internal quality control to ensure all of our products with absolute safety. Wholeheartedly, we are dedicated to supplying our customers products with the highest quality. #We are qualified exporters in Taiwan. # High quality hot pot food and

Frozen Meals